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Highly original first year production. Original genuine paint.

This vehicle was supplied in 1949 from the factory to a local supplier in Stanwix, Carlisle. It was owned locally and used as a farm vehicle until the late 1980s when a Mr Elliott from Plumpton acquired it.

Mr Elliot described it as an honest workhorse. He registered it for the road at which point it was issued with a V5 sating date of manufacture as 1948 making it very early indeed.

The most recent owner collected the vehicle from its long term barn store and delivered it to a local land rover specialist for evaluation.

This specialist quite rightly advised keeping the it in as original specification as possible and to effect repairs as any previous owners would. 

The only exception to this was the front bulkhead which had started to fail under the screen, so the it was stripped and replaced. The chassis, running gear and all other remedial work was carried out at around the same time.


Recent work carried out:


Renew Bulkhead

Repair front chassis riggers

Wax oil chassis

Renew coolant hoses, brake parts, wheel bearing axle and transmission oil seal.

Renew front axle swivels, fit canvas etc. 

Remove engine sump to reseal and refit front axle shaft oil seal. 

Renew shockers, carb and injections parts.

Powder coat 5x wheels

Repair lights and other ancillary parts.

Fit water pump and thermostat gasket.


All paperwork is available for the work completed and the Land Rover comes with a Heritage certificate.

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